We work with clients to create informed, dynamic risk portraits of the political and security environment in regions and/or individual states in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), including but not limited to analysis and overview of domestic jurisprudence and international treaty obligations, safety, intellectual property protection, governmental and economic stability and culture.



Principal – Risk Analysis

Shane’s diverse background spans management consulting and political risk analysis across an array of industries and business cases; he previously served as chief risk analyst for J. Safra Sarasin Group in Switzerland and acted as Global Research Analyst for Berry Appleman & Leiden prior to forming Audentes in 2017. He has also worked in Seattle and Silicon Valley on projects in the burgeoning mobile data sector with clients as varied as Deutsch Telekom, Telia, McKinsey, Orange, Palm, Facebook and Google.

Shane has an advanced education in diplomacy and statecraft and holds a BA in International Studies with Honors from New York University as well as an MA in International Security from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver. Shane was appointed as Honorary Consul of the Seychelles to California in November 2015 and has acted in that capacity as a designate consul until his confirmation by the US Department of State in 2021. He has also previously served as a director on the board for The Shanti Project, one of San Francisco’s oldest and most well-known non-profits. Shane currently serves as a director on the board of the Center on Illicit Threats and Transnational Organized Crime, CINTOC.org.

Political Risk Consultant - Shane Hensinger


With a background working on the ground in North America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Shane has access to a wide amount of strategic political intelligence, allowing clients to stay ahead of the curve in anticipating threats and opportunities arising from political risk.  With over 20 years of a career spanning the world, Shane has developed a source network stretching around the globe.

Audentes provides analysis of not only the political risk in a state or region, but can also pull in intelligence on business, health and security risks as well. We look at risk from a holistic perspective.  We are a global practice, with the ability to respond quickly to threats and opportunities on a global basis.   

Audentes has deep experience with providing analysis from an on-the-ground perspective.  We have particular experience with governmental transitions, both scheduled and non-scheduled, in establishing commitment to rule of law as well as establishing the safety of personnel and the security of tangible and intangible assets.


Audentes Consulting does not publish its client list, but can provide references of current or former clients on request.



We are located just North of San Francisco, California (GMT-7).

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