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Boost Your Odds of Startup Success

About 14% of all drug development programs eventually lead to approval. That means that 86% fail.

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You’re aiming for that sweet spot of success. Why go it alone?

The odds are about the same for start-up success.

Those are scary statistics. The clinical development of drugs adds to the everyday challenges faced by any new business. We know. We’ve been there, specializing in startups and small to medium biotech firms.

Enthusiasm and passion run high in startups.

That precious commodity can get sapped by:

  • Inexperience with the clinical and regulatory
  • process (IND/NDA/BLA), whether inside or outside the US
  • Operational Issues
  • Business System Complexities
  • Unforeseen Delays
  • Lack of Infrastructure
  • Burnout
Enthusiasm and Passion Run - Audentes Consulting

Our multidisciplinary approach saves you from having to recreate the wheel.

We guide you through the operational issues in drug development to FDA/regulatory approval.

Are you wondering how best to…

That precious commodity can get sapped by:

Create plans for a Global Clinical development strategy?

Foster collaborations with academics, cooperative groups, and the NCI?

Provide medical monitoring and oversight of trials from phase 1 to phase 3?

Access interactions with Wall Street Analysts and Venture Capital firms, Licensing and Diligence teams?

Wondering - Audentes Consulting

We have experience in all these areas and more.

The amount of focus, knowledge and precision needed to bring a drug from development to launch requires a high degree of expertise. Our passion is using our expertise to help you find success.

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